Why Do Recruiters View My Profile But Never Contact Me?

You may have noticed recruiters viewing your profile here and there, but they never seem to reach out. As a job seeker, it may prompt you to wonder what you could do to improve your chances for being contacted for new opportunity.

Your profile is not complete

First and foremost, make sure your profile has accurate and complete information, Job titles, employers, dates of employment for your current and past positions are all pieces of information that recruiters look for in our searches. It helps us paint a more accurate picture of your qualifications that may help us determine your candidacy for the role we are looking to fill. Even better, adding a brief description of your current role (responsibilities, achievements, promotions, etc.), is definitely a huge plus!

Your profile had a keyword that matched my search, but was no the overall skills and qualifications I was looking for 

If you have a robust LinkedIn profile with detailed overviews on your current and past roles, it's possible that your profile has a keyword that was pulled in through a search. For example, I may have a client in need of a sales rep with urology physician relationships within an assigned territory. Entering "urology" in the keywords field will garner me a myriad of search results. However, my client needs candidates with a molecular diagnostics background, and several of my results may have a pharmaceutical background with the same call point relationships.

I already have contacted you - you missed it

I cannot tell you how many times I get a response back from a candidate months or even a full year after I had originally reached out. We live and breathe LinkedIn every day, but we get that not everyone checks their LinkedIn daily or even weekly. If you are in the market for a new role, or even if you're open to hearing about new opportunities, there are a few settings to check on your profile to make sure you never miss another message.

1. Confirm that the email connected to your LinkedIn is accurate and up to date. If you created your LinkedIn several years ago, it is possible it's attached to an email address that you no longer use. And so begins the password guessing game as you attempt to gain access to an email you haven't used in years.

2. Check to make sure your notifications are tuned 'on.' This can be found under the 'communications' sections of your account settings. Here you can determine if you would like to receive notifications via the LinkedIn App, email or through push notifications on your device.

Your profile is not public

If your LinkedIn profile is private, recruiters cannot view basic information that we would need to determine your qualifications for a position. It's possible we may not even be able to contact you based on your settings. You can view your visibility settings under you profile settings. In this window you can tailor your visibility as you see fit.

Keep in mind, just because you get a profile view from a recruiter and then you do not hear from them does not  mean there is something wrong with your profile. As a recruiter myself, I have done countless searches and often click on profiles as I scroll through the results. I may see a title, headline or keyword that at first glance, leads me to believe the individual is a good fit for my open position. When in doubt, reach out! Recruiters love to connect with quality candidates to help build our pipeline, Whether you're in the job market now or not  quite ready to make a move, don't hesitate to connect or reach out to a recruiter directly to start a conversation.

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