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5 Small Things Candidates Overlook When Job Hunting

Looking for a job can be a difficult process. There are many variables to consider when you are looking for the right employer for you, and there is even more pressure if you happen to be unemployed while you are looking for a new job. In order to best succeed, you need to present yourself as the right fit for whatever job you interview for. There are many resources out there for giving you tips on how to craft your resume, dress for the interview, and conquer phone screens and in-person interviews with confidence. But to even get to that interview stage, there are many small things that jobseekers overlook. Here are three things you should consider in order to paint yourself as the perfect candidate.

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Benefits of Openly Discussing Compensation

When searching for a new job, one of the key things on a person’s mind is, of course, money. People say it makes the world go round, and whether or not that is true, it is certainly a central focus for job seekers. Despite this, many job seekers are caught off guard when faced with one simple question: “What are your salary expectations?”

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