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Recruiters: What Not to Ask in an Interview

As a recruiter, you are trained on all sorts of interview styles to narrow down the best candidate for the role. Questions can range from behavioral, situational, position specific or competency-based questions. The interview process often times is kicked off by the recruiter or HR, but typically includes various other individuals as candidates move from one step to the next. It is important that all involved parties are trained on what is and is not legal to ask a candidate in an interview.

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The Stay Interview

Most of us are familiar with the Exit Interview. An employee is leaving the organization and HR asks them to fill out a questionnaire or schedules a sit down to ask them questions about their job and the organization: how they felt about their boss, company culture, workload, benefits, pay, etc. Exit interviews provide valuable information that can help adjust or improve the organization for current and future employees. However, it's already too late. This employee has already moved on to another position with another organization - Was there something the organization could have done to retain this employee?

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Candidate Experience Best Practices

Attracting and keeping top talent can be a challenge for many organizations. According to Aptitude Research Partners, it is a top challenge for nearly 76% of decision makers. Employee engagement begins even before day 1. Take a look at your interview and onboarding process to evaluate your candidate experience for best practices.

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How to Recruit a Challenger

"The Challenger Sale: How to Take Control of the Customer Conversation" was published by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson in 2011 which dissects the different types of sales reps with "The Challenger" as the main focal point. The Challenger Sales methodology focuses on teaching, tailoring and taking control of the sales process. Using this approach, the authors argue that a sales rep can take control of any customer conversation.

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The Challenger Sale: A Brief Overview

The Challenger Sale was written by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson and hit shelves in late 2011. Their analysis and dissection of the sales rep uncovers what skills, attitude and behaviors it takes to be a high performer. Their model argued a new approach to sales which contrasted with conventional sales wisdom moving the focus away from building relationships or uncovering needs through questioning and guiding the customer to be interested in your solution. This model has since been adopted and implemented by numerous organizations in hopes or taking average performing reps to a top-performing team.

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You've Gotten Multiple Job Offers - Now What?

Receiving multiple job offers can be both exciting and stressful. It took months, if not longer, of sending out your resume, filling out applications, scheduling and attending interviews and its finally paid off! Even if the offers have similar salaries or benefits, there are a multitude of other factors to take into consideration.

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Is Your Talent Acquisition Process Working?

One of the biggest challenges facing many companies is finding and retaining top talent. But how do you know your current recruitment process is effective? Recruiters are equipped with an abundance of data providing talent acquisition with the power to evaluate their process to make informed decisions about that process moving forward. There certainly is no one-size-fits all solution in measuring the hiring process, but here are a few places to start.   

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What Millennials Want from Work

It's estimated that by 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be classified as millennial. A lot has been said about the millennial generation and it has not always been complimentary. Here are some insights on what they really want from their work.

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Keep Your Team's Motivation Flowing

You've got a first-class team. You hired the best of the best. But, if they are not motivated, it is unlikely they will achieve their true potential. Here are just a few tips on how you can create an environment that fosters enthusiasm, motivation and engagement.

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