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Avoid Doing This With Recruiters

Professionalism is an often overlooked component of a candidate & recruiter interaction. As a recruiter, we often get a close look at candidates in a more relaxed setting due to the fact that we are not viewed as a direct representation of the company they would be interviewing for. 

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Always Take the Interview

As a recruiter, candidates often ask for advice on various subjects and one that sticks out the most is whether or not to take an interview with a company that they are not sure of. The answer? Always take the interview.

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Understanding a Recruiter's Role

Over the years we have found that many candidates & companies alike misinterpret a recruiter's role in the interview process. Any given firm will have its own approach and technique in the interview process but it is important for candidates to understand their role and how they should be interacting with most recruiting agencies. 

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The Honest Resume

In the age of technology it is imperative that while writing your resume, social media accounts, like LinkedIn, or even while during an interview that you are always up front and honest with any and all information. Nowadays, it is easier for recruitment firms, or even employers, to simply seek out your information on places like LinkedIn or doing a simple Google search.

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One of the keys to achieving success is to set goals and doing your best to take the necessary steps to achieve them. Future success comes from self-awareness and making yourself better each day.

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