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Career Advancements in the Medical Laboratory Profession

Medical laboratories play a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses and diseases. These facilities, which can be found in hospitals, clinics, and independent laboratories, are responsible for analyzing samples of blood, tissue, and other body fluids to determine the presence of specific diseases or conditions.

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Laboratory Staff: Where are they?

For those paying attention to the current decline in medical laboratory professionals, one could make numerous strong arguments against the reasons for these shortages. Whether the opinions are burn out, low salary wages, lack of recognition, glass ceilings for career growth, COVID19, the one ultimate factor is the lack of prospective students or professionals entering the field. No matter the turnover or current lack of employees, more and more students or people entering the field or education programs could assist with the issue. The only problem is, the medical laboratory programs offered by schools are diminishing and the number of students entering the programs is barren.

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