A Typical Day as a Recruiter

As a recruiter, not one day is the same as the next. There are a lot of moving parts, from speaking with candidates or hiring managers, to searching LinkedIn and juggling interviews. It is important to be well organized and on top of each position you have. Most of your day will require you to search for qualified candidates, and follow up with candidates or hiring managers. Below is a list of a few of the most important activities I do day-to-day as a recruiter.


Searching for candidates can pose a challenge for many reasons, but of course, this is a crucial part of recruiting. As a recruiter, I am tasked with using tools such as LinkedIn snd our company's ATS to find the most qualified candidates. Recruiters utilize keywords to find potential candidates on LinkedIn, however, not everyone has their profile filled out. If you are actively looking for a new position, I encourage you to fill out your profile with accurate information and your day-to-day tasks.

On The Phone:

Being on the phone with a candidate or hiring manager can take up a lot of your day. This part of the job can be quite hectic because there are so many candidates and many different opportunities. It is important to be organized and always pay close attention to detail.


After searching and speaking with candidates it comes time to submit them to the client and set up an interview between the candidate and hiring manager. At this point, the recruiter becomes the coach. A recruiter will be able to help candidates navigate the interview since they have either worked with the hiring manager before or have had candidates previously interviewed.


Since there are so many moving parts in recruiting, making sure you are well organized is an important part of being successful. At both the beginning and end of my days, I will take some time to go over my positions, prospects, and candidates who are actively interviewing to make sure everything is accounted for. This makes the process less hectic and allows for everything to run smoothly.


It is always important to better yourself, which is why our team actively participates in training courses. LinkedIn offers a number of different training courses that are helpful for recruiters. By actively participating in training, you will be able to pick up on some tips that you may have forgotten or learn something new.

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